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Electrical Distribution System Design

EnergyTeam Solutions (ET) is fully capable of designing and implementation of an electrical distribution standard to meet BS/EN and IEE/IET standards. The key personal is qualified in Post Graduate level in electrical engineering and installations.

Our expertise varies from design of electrical distribution system for Hotel, Apparel factories and Tea factories in Sri Lanka as well as in the South Asian Region. The single window solution will start at equipment layout arrangement by customer to final commissioning and hand over with training to operators. The services will range from

Support to arrange equipment at the best arrangement to limit capital and operational cost

Load calculations and advise on utility connection requirements

Load analysis and budgetary preparation of operational and capital cost

Distribution system design up to tender level with single lines, distribution layouts

Tender evaluation and support in awarding contract

Supervision and reporting of implementation

Independent commissioning before contract handover

Training and capacity building of operational staff

Energy Auditing

EnergyTeam Solutions(ET) is a Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) accredited Energy Service Company and a technical consulting firm offering a wide range of energy oriented services to clients in government and private sector.

Energy auditing is a key competence of ET and expertise in garment factories, office buildings, apartments and hotel sector. ET’s team of experts employ an integrated whole-building approach to identifying energy opportunities that best fit our customers’ needs at the portfolio, facility, or individual project level. Following systems will be analyzed in detail;

Lighting System & Controls

MVAC System

Boiler & steam Distribution System

Compressed air System

Motors, pumps & fans

Electrical Distribution System

Utility tariff

On-site Renewable Energy Options

Production Process

Building Envelope and indoor air quality

Our engineers are highly trained in energy management, energy conservation strategies, new state-of-the-art technologies, energy auditing, energy modeling, utility bill analysis, measure life-cycle cost analysis, and energy reporting that is customized to our client’s needs

ET's Energy Auditing services include;

Walk-through audit

Investment-grade energy audit

Environmental Audit[covering energy, water & waste] - Mandatory in obtaining M&S plan A - Eco factory Attribute

Level 1&2 energy audits for LEED certification

Energy & Water Audit for ISO 50001 certification

Energy Project Implementation Assessments

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Building Commissioning

EnergyTeam Solutions (ET) is a third party commissioning agent for electrical distribution systems to meet the BS/EN and IEE/IET standards. The key personal is qualified in Post Graduate level in electrical engineering and installations.

Almost all LEED certified green buildings in Sri Lanka were certified by ET for the USGBC recommending for certification. ET is fully equipped with Insulation testers, Earth Testers, Earth Loop Testers and lux meters to verify the electrical and lighting distribution system of a building. The tests that will be done includes

Insulation Resistance Test

Earth Resistance Test

Earth Loop Impedance test

Residual Breaker Test

Light level test

Solar System Design

EnergyTeam Solutions (ET) is also into renewable energy solutions, where solutions for residential and industries is provided. The solutions can be either on grid with net metering or an off grid system is provided to suit customer needs.

The designs will be economically feasible solution, where returns will be guaranteed on this capital intensive investment. We will be doing the commissioning and verifying the energy generation to the client before handover.


Efficient Lighting Design

EnergyTeam is the pioneer in industrial and office complex task and ambient lighting to fulfill client needs for lighting. The team is also capable to lighting solutions using daylighting for economical productive illumination.

Company is not biased to any product sales, where lighting solutions are developed from a vast range of commercially available applications. Designs will include simulations in 2D and 3D with interior, exterior or flood lighting.


Boiler & Compressed-air System Design

Boiler and compressed air systems are often overlooked in production, finishing and laundry facilities. These will be fuel and electricity guzzlers if not installed and maintained to standard. EnergyTeam is expertise in energy efficient boilers and steam distribution systems design as well as compressors and compressed air system designs.

Solutions will include

Identify pressures and quantity of steam or air requirements by the equipment

Select efficient properly sized equipment to cater the demand

Designing of distribution systems

Incorporating energy efficient technologies to minimize energy and operating costs