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Group wide Energy Efficiency Project – Penguin Group (2007/8)

Energy Monitoring System

Investment-grade Energy Audit

Implementation of selected measures

Saving verification and Payback monitoring

Project Features: Formation of EE project team, implementation on shared savings basis, energy efficient screw compressors introduced to replace recips.


Load and Demand Study – Hemas Manufacturing (2009)

Power logging

Maximum demand impact analysis

Starting current analysis and introduction of soft starters

Project Features: Data logging, starting current analysis at seconds’ level

DSM for Municipal Street Lighting – ADB (2010/11)

Review existing street lighting

Design of street lighting for CEB / LECO areas

Pilot project tender and implementation

 Project Features: Use of Design software ( Lighting Reality)


Design of 110kW Grid Connected Solar PV System – Vintage Denim Studio (2010/11), Bangladesh – Assistance to EnergySolve International

Analyze loads and demand patterns

Tender specification for Grid Connected Solar system

Implementation monitoring and generation certification

Project Features: Grid connected solar PV system


Energy Audit – Ulagalla Walawwa Resort (2010)

Power logging of main panel and other major loads

Recommendations of demand reduction and load shifting

Solar energy generation verification and export availability analysis

Project Features: power logging of 124kW grid connected solar system


LECO street lighting project High Level Road – Nugegoda to Maharagama (2011)

Supply of street lighting brackets and control boxes

Timer programming and testing

Project Features: automated timer controlled street lighting, extended lamp bracket


MV Electrical Installation – LOX plant of Industrial Gases (2012)

Installation of 33kV/10kV/380V Primary Sub Station

HT and LT cabling for equipment

Testing and commissioning

Project Features: Design and implement non – Standard voltage (10kV) installation

Residential EE lighting – ADB (2011-2013)

Product Survey

Residential Survey

Lighting Policy Development

Residential Lighting Guideline

Pilot installation

Post Survey

Project Features: Installation in 2000 selected households

HSBC Fort Branch, Colombo(2012/13)

Enhanced Commissioning Task for LEED Certification

(Support for EnergySolve International (Pvt) Ltd)

Project Features: Electrical distribution system design review, commissioning report

Sunshine Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Electrical network testing

Project Features :Insulation testing, Earth resistance measurement, Power monitoring

Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd - APD

Detail Energy Audit

Specific Energy Analysis

Energy Costing and Benchmarking

Project Features :Data logging, loop wise monitoring, Thermal Imaging, Motor No load Analysis